Top Ideas for Greek Walking Holidays

Everybody loves to go on holiday once or twice a year to escape their daily routines and unwind for a week or two because work and other responsibilities can take their toll on our stress levels. Of course, you need to find ways to unwind every weekend so that life doesn’t seem too repetitive, but there’s nothing quite like escaping to a foreign land where you can make new friends and experience unfamiliar cultures. Europe is one of the most diverse continents on the planet, and there are many stunning countries to visit that offer something a little different.

Greece is a beautiful nation that’s steeped in history and boasts a countless number of magnificent views. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy city getaways, beach holidays or countryside escapes, Greece has destinations to satisfy every traveller’s interests. Greece’s coastline is largely considered to be the most beautiful in Europe, and the ruins of Athens never fail to impress. Fortunately, flights from almost anywhere in Europe to Greece are affordable, and there are also many hotels that can be booked for a bargain price. However, you need to think about how you’re going to make the most of your holiday when you actually arrive.

An increasing number of people are starting to realise that walking holidays in Greeceprovide a great way to truly get to know the nation, and as long as you find the best routes, you can feel confident you’ll see just about everything a particular destination has to offer. Below, this article will detail a few Greek destinations that boast excellent walking tours.

Ideas for Walking Holidays

You don’t necessarily need to stick to the same city or destination for the whole of your Greek getaway. You might want to consider packing as much into your trip as possible by enjoying a number of the following walking tours:

  • West Crete – Crete is one of the most popular destinations in Greece among holidaymakers, and it’s easy to see why with its stunning ocean views. A self-guided walk around West Crete allows you to capture great pictures of the deep blue Libyan sea and enjoy one of Europe’s most stunning coastlines.
  • Cyclades Islands – The Cyclades Islands proudly boast some magnificent ruins of Athens, the Ancient Acropolis being the most famous. While you’re on the islands, you might want to consider sailing over to the island of Naxos where you can climb the huge Zas Mountain.
  • Corfu and Paxos – These destinations allow you to explore some old traditional villages, get to know the locals and taste some delicious Greek meals. Plus, of course, you’ll get the chance to see some breathtaking views.

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