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Group Travel Planning and Traveling Tips

January 7, 2019

Considering going with an organization? Group travel may be one of probably the most rewarding methods to begin to see the world and visit popular destination sites not just may be the vacation lighthearted, however you can make lifelong buddies in route! If you’re planning on experiencing group travel the very first time soon, here […]

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Reasons Why Beach Vacations are Best

December 7, 2018

A beach vacation can literally offer you the sun, sea, and loads of activities. You can enjoy the safe surveillance of well-trained lifeguards, walk on the boardwalk, and visit the nearby snack bars and souvenir shops. Other activities you can look forward to on a beach vacation are bodysurfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling and of course […]

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Top Ideas for Greek Walking Holidays

October 7, 2018

Everybody loves to go on holiday once or twice a year to escape their daily routines and unwind for a week or two because work and other responsibilities can take their toll on our stress levels. Of course, you need to find ways to unwind every weekend so that life doesn’t seem too repetitive, but […]

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Bible Reading Plans

September 7, 2018

If you were committed to getting into physical shape, one of your first steps would be to write out a plan of attack: when you’d go to the gym, how much time you’d spend there, which exercises you’d do, and what other life habits would need to change to maximize your workout. You’d follow this […]

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Baptist churches

September 7, 2018

Baptists form the fifth largest Christian church in the world. Baptist churches are found in almost every country in the world and have about 40 million members worldwide. In Britain 2,150 churches belong to the Baptist Union of Great Britain, between them having 150,000 members. The name ‘Baptist’ comes from the Baptist practice of immersion […]

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Bible Reading Plan for Beginners

July 7, 2018

Most Christians know they should read God’s word.  They understand that it is God’s message to them and He expects them to read it.  However, for various reasons, many Christians find this duty a daunting task.  It is a mountain they fear they cannot climb.  The Bible seems so big.  They do not understand how […]

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Must visit Churches in Goa

April 7, 2018

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus Located in Old Goa, this is one of the oldest churches in the state, visited by millions mainly to pay respect and catch a glimpse of the casket of St. Francis Xavier, resting in the mausoleum at the top. In this casket lies his body, which is miraculously preserved in […]

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The General Rules of the Methodist Church

March 7, 2018

In the latter end of the year 1739 eight or ten persons came to Mr. Wesley, in London, who appeared to be deeply convinced of sin, and earnestly groaning for redemption. They desired, as did two or three more the next day, that he would spend some time with them in prayer, and advise them […]

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Most Beautiful Churches in Spain

January 7, 2018

It is generally acknowledged that Santiago de Compostela‘s cathedral is one of the greatest architectural masterpieces of Spain. The activities around the cathedral played a major role in Europe during the Middle Ages. One legend posits the cathedral was associated with the apostle James whose relics had been brought from Jerusalem by a boat of angels. […]

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